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Gordon, James Alexandeb, M.D., F.R.P., at his residence, Pixholme,

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there was almost always a history of pregnancy, and of

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more racing blood a horse has, the less he is subject to this

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points. I think Dr. Willmotfa has started a new era and I am

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the examining boards. These remarks will be read with interest,

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be established by the histological characteristics of

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man of the Hall Committee, an office which he performed with

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tion has removed the distention, " the abdominal muscles, their

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tear the bedding and clothes to shjeds that were supplied to

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hiliitcd. and the woman was bled from the arm to the

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lady physician of Chicago, Dr. Luella Day Underbill, urging

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growth. The ova were in a retrograde condition, many of them

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patient experiences a temporary sense of relief after vomiting. He has a

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It is the mind that works the method, not the hands. From time

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which produces by decomposition an insoluble sulphuret of arsenic and a per-

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we have been considering, the only appreciable part of the attack may

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upon natural processes of repair ; and fourth, the means by which repara-

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accidents have been known to happen. Particularly we warn the

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necessity of encouraging habits of self-reliance and methodical

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to be injected beneath the skin in epidemic cholera.

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of peritonitis preceding the operation, and at the time she was oper-

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muscles of a dislocated limb, or what is more to the purpose,

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spoonfuls of muriatic acid, with one pound and a half of dis-

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The nearness to the margin of the lower lid to be observed in making

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