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of the sac occurred, and the patient died on the 11th October. An interesting

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sparingly soluble in cold alcohol, but completely soluble in

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temperature on the lactic fermentation is concerned. According

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subject, but in the feces the phosphorus elimination of the patient with

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the auricular activity would precede the ventricular. The occur-

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We extend to you the hospitalities of fraternity, and, by

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utmost caution ; but one like this, whether made by our own or

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sometimes lines the whole interior of the larynx, including the

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laser treatment if it does not spontaneously absorb.

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increased, and also as the result of aortic and, to a less extent,

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some of the Councillors felt they had not at the moment a

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M.D. — Charles Hilton Fagge, Guy's Hospital; John

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increasing adynamia is soon developed. There is often a yellowish

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ITth, when he died. About the first of June a tumor was de-

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fall on either alcohol or the subacute tonsillitis. There were very few

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the instruction of your able and accomplished Professor of Anato-

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returned ; omit the syrup of senega, which with the carbonate of ammonia

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frequently made both in the city and in the cojimtry.

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and of poor quality. The abdomen was extremely large

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The President said he had tried fibrolysin solely in a case,

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occasionally, the vomitus usually consisting mostly of mucus. There was a

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13, 1864, he reported a further series of experiments, for

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flexible, leather-covered bits that are very good. A straight or a

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3. Accepting tho facts as proved, that obstruction to the

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somewhat movable tumour in the epigastrium, loll little doubt in tin'

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altered. These changes are chiefly degenerative, or the results of processes

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All risk of fire attaches to the owners of the property, of

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