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sure till every part is whitened. Protargol and argonin may be used instead

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the patient was to recover, because of that he had no doubt,

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which not even the punishment at present authorized by law

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the parietal bone. He received the wound on the day

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the woman determined to have the tumor removed at all

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of age ; in another there were twenty from 40 to 60; and the master of a

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ligament is shown holding up the head of the astragalus (Fig. 4) 27

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operations in any of its plans of operation do not meet your individual,

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Dr. Warren speaks. The result is in striking contrast

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were compared with each other in siniihir cases. But

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remark that the victims chosen by anarchy have been almost without

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water. In India these materials were thrown on the surface, or

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with high fever, severe pain in the side, and a well-marked friction rub.

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Medical Society of the County of New York, and of the

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exit of air and shows what part of the bowel is affected. Reinflation

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specific gravity of i*oo8, and an equal quantity of the test added.

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from the sixth cervical root above to the third dorsal root

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embodied in our first paper. Those conclusions were briefly as follows : —

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of the chest); (6) violent paroxysms of coughing, as in whooping-cough; and

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tion. This and similar observations indicate the necessity of distinguish-

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taneous, and hence the original peroxide, to a large extent, dissolves and

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recting the cord orer a pulley; or by the windlass, as de-

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that they result from the operation of some organic principle,

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off the osazone, and, after washing with water, to dissolve it upon a

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cent., while one lower than 1 was found in 41, or 29 per cent., of the

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sideration ; at the same time that the suffering it causes, and

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ment in the other case, were under the use of the tincture of aconite. In

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Tried for the offence before the Sheriff, "W. was sent to the

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administration isby the hypodermic syringe, one-quarter

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heap around the pigment mass, sometimes having a radial arrangement.

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appearance of the excitement. As a rule the symptoms disappear slowly, it

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inform us of the seat of at least some of the lesions, valvular,

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just as a newly infused cup of tea is an enjoyable beverage,

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Utilizing a similar approach. Fry came to a different

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ventor has received (over all competition.) fifty most honorary

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on li\ing animal tissues taught me that the unstriped

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empted. It was soon shown that it was exceedingly dilTicull to ster-

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Palliation of Epilepsv by Apomorphia. — It is stated

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of rejection in pancreas transplantation. Transplant Proc 1986; 18: 1805-1806

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nexion with his speeches against the College of Surgeons, were

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Functional derangement of the heart caused by cycling resembles much

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t<> the ligature of arteries. The fame of Hunter's successful

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