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girdle ulcers. Their edges are generally grayish-white, indurated, and

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far advanced as to be beyond the reach of the knife or

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the application to it of trained minds and scientific

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when the stone is in the other, together with the idea in

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bathing and use Carbolic Acid solution. The following will also

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indulge in much exercise. Light diet. Regular treatment for a

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judice against its use. This prejudice is founded upon an er-

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tion and menstruation, physical and psychical disturbances of a more or

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social functions rather freely during several months

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laboratory. Excellent facilities. Will pay travel and moving expenses.

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boldly plunged through the chest-walls with least danger to the con-

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already permeable to the blood, and evidently containing it.

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condition of the genital organs, and of whom it may be

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practitioner, especially if he be handicapped by in-

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whether they occur singly or together, should always be regarded as

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102 deaths; that the number of deaths from sepsis was 97; that extension

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tion and considers that the emmenagogue properties of

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advocated, and in my opinion will never be popularized.

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perfectly clear, was distinctly clouded. Agar plates from the filtrate

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Night Terrors in Children. — The most important treat-

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M. Lucas-Championnifere insists greatly on the necessity of opening the belly-

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pends on calculi. Soothing applications to the loins, and anodyne reme-

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ercised in part by tlie city and in part by the abutters,

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Antimonials, cautions attending their use 270, 273, 275, 283, 566

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which are inserted eyelets, four or five in number, to correspond with a

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dom, but they are nevertheless very terrible, and I

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on September 29, of cerebral apoplexy, in his seventy-seventh

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teaching point of view this is an abuse of the X-ray department that

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war, such practical advancement in a science directly bearing upon the highest

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In pellagra, the lesions select the uncovered parts

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