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are the healthy cyclical changes occurring in the body of man, the cause

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fault is especially encountered in the thoracic portion of the eso-

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The Milwaukee Tuberculosis Sanitarium encountered serious opposition

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child-to-be could become a real part of the world and

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monary artery, and ha3morrhagic infarction of the lungs, while

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as you please. I think I have heard it said that it was an easy matter to learn

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" The first case was that of a seaman, of the age of twenty-

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fully active chlorophyll-stimulating rays. It takes the place

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is nothing so effective as the nitrate of silver. It will

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had gradually reached the conclusion that it was re-

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passages rather than the air- vesicles, and may be confined

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in good condition. Imagine to yourselves what would be the condition of a

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fetid pus was slowly exuded from an almost imperceptible meatus. The patient

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