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over the floor of the island of Eeil, and then divides into five branches, the

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part of a charlatan to exaggerate a slight case, in order that he may seem to have

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years ago, when her grown daughters took charge of all the household affairs

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the nervous system. It is in fact a mental tonic. A writer

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majesty to be suffering from '■^ perityphlitis.^^

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evidence it was, of course, frequently necessary for expert

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The figures in parentheses give the number of fatal cases.

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The total COM of >|K. U,iMing and th. ™J' »'«/»'' .;!'=°8» i"<°'™P7XJ°j

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moderate straining, so that the duodenal contents enter the stomach. As the duo-

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were affected so that the total number of joints affected

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part below the wire may discharge septic matter into the abdo-

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49 per cent, of the children are saved. "When replacement

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Proceedings of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia, 1918-19. New-

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wire is that it cannot be absorbed, and against catgut that it is liable to

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the periosteum and made a small opening in the bone with gouge. I did not

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per cent solution of nitrate of silver placed in each eye in accordance

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6. — Einhorn reviews the symptomatology of the various

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the leper is mercifully carried off by phthisis, pneu-

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PhyHtcal exiDrii nation. — Physical examinations are conducted jti a

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found that a large mass was being expelled through the os,

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tions. Neither of these procedures .was effective in my animals,

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of what had been seen was reproduced showing that absorp-

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Attention was called to the seeming danger that by this

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Boylston Place, on Monday, November 13, 1893, at 8 o'clock, p. M.

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of the urine. ^ On the other hand, when the pressure in the upper part of

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when patients are treated in different localities from those in which they

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German Measles. {Rot he In), (i) The incubation period is

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dealt with. Quite lately a friend of his, the subject of hysteria only, fell into

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On the whole, the results of practice, in so far as they

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