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monition of danger, early inviting to the use of remedies.

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size of the adolescent group, all patients will continue to be

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the lesion existing in the brain had remained stationary because

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for disease of knee-joint, ldied. Of 4 secondary amputations

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to nutrition, especially during an early period of life. But if I have

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however, be mentioned that a form of diarrhoea, even more fatal

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place it on the basis of the Medical Corps of the Army

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doses of five to twenty drops every hour, or every two hours. It

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pleted our investigation of a case of chronic valvular disease of the

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^Nothuagel; Specielle Pathologic und Therapie, XIV, 2; I. Abth. 156.

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sions ceased, and the woman made an uninterrupted and uneventful

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contain a very thorough discussion of all the technical

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escape of air from the lung into the pleural sac In fracture of the

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empty is about 10 inches in length and 3 inches in width,

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the opinion of everybody else. And, as this quarrel goes on, the

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tive opinions can be expressed. It, however, can be said

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in new-born children, by Casper, in his ' Vierteljahrschrift ' for 1863, vol. 2, .

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the boy's left hand is the surest The patient's personal

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disease may be only slightly developed, but the cardiac (heart)

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also enlarged retroperitoneal glands. The spleen must be on the outside

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physis. The diagnosis made was abdominal pregnancy with transverse

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they had ever had. They made applications about twice a week for a

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8. Again, for sore of the maw, or stomach , take this

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this prevalence of enteric fever was discovered to be

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W. F. M. Adams, Toronto ; X. G. Allin, Bowmanville ; G. W.

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holds. Listerism and its revolution in surgery, whether cleanli-*

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In the epidemic of 1918 many cases occurred, with sudden

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those who have devoted the most study to any one held

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