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ice-cream, for I believe the substance I isolated is the

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twenty-one years of age, of slender structure, anaemic,

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and dangerous, may induce resort to it in many cases where

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tions found in the published Transactions, \o\. xiii.,

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ployed — the sulphate, namely, which, in smallness of bulk, certainty,

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appendicitis should be operated on cannot be accepted, and that the

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the dose should be lessened or stopped. With children who are

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were no further convulsions or nervous symptoms. The

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and that the result of such experiment is quite opposed to

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production of the various morbid conditions of the uterine system,

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the sixth nucleus itself. (Indeed a further investigation by

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Associate in Ophthalmology and Otology, Johns Hopkins University;


fortnight four other women were attacked, all of whom had been

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Acute laminitis terminates in resolution of the parts, or in

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surfaces bathed with a purulent discharge, and wholly separated

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ance with a standard U.S. Navy oxygen treatment table.

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