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it was provided that the Health Commissioner was to give his entire
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he had been unanimously elected (1840) Professor of Surgery and
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as well as to the occupation and work of the patient. In consequence of their
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when he was appointed to fill the position of Gynecologist
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and help, if it is not overdone, and more claimed for it than is due.
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If recovery takes place, the whole bone finally becomes firm; in fact, becomes
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structure and functions of the valves of the heart : Erasistratus,
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tiply a millionfold within a few hours. It may give rise to suc-
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brilliant "house-warming," taking the form of a fancy bazaar,
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obtains at the price of self-mutilation the safety of a life
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lished in 1 880 a work on clinical medicine from the French
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brain exhibits no mind. During dissolution (i.e, death) mind
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The book is neatly and carefully printed on good paper. Its
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genious way by which he could with comparative ease make his
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decided service in chlorosis, and hence we often prescribe simple baths or salt
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Fifty Cases Observed in the Ruptured and Crippled" (W. J. H. Waterman and
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pitals. At the end of the third year (1881), he successfully qualified,
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the nerve-system controls itself, as evinced by its own growth
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was not only charming, but that it made out a good justification of its
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he graduated, and Syracuse University, where he pursued the aca-
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in order to take medicine. It is often possible later on in the disease, when
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congestion of the ovaries, which, under various movements,
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which he had been tempted by the discovery of the marvelous prog-
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and the application of modern dressings, have not only
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such a case is as rare as the Siamese twins, the two-headed
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centres by the physical and psychical condition of the patient,
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because they are at the same time getting a second stomach and
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He served with his regiment until the close of the war.
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I tnd as many as 46,000 in the Out-palient Department.
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the folds of the rectum, and to take twenty-eight days for their
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Dr. Porter replied that he did not. If the ovaries were dis-

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