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previous fragmentary though uncollected observations by others.
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attended with some pain, he was enabled, after a few visits, to
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Holland in the year 1842. In the five years preceding this,
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Wound of Entrance. — Text book advise to carefully
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dealing with part of the disease seem often melBcient, and treatment
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and forwards. After the soft parts had been separated fi*om
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dred of the 8S7 pages contained in the whole report.
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rates tend to increase with increased battle casualty rates. Al-
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{Centralbl. /. k/in. Med., 1883, No. 34), states that
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selection of food, and the reception of impressions from light and foreign
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leaves he considers to have little efficacy. (Syden. Soc. Year-
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Acute laminitis terminates in resolution of the parts, or in
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he had been able to secure only one instance. In this
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ranked under the same head with brandy, wine, opium, volatile
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" ' In every " inordinate cup " there is a devil ' ; so it may
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beat that she was supposed to be dying, and was confined to bed for three
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future. I witnessed each student slip their hands through
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