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1 The author recommended originally that the soup be eaten with a spoon. As it
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ing induced by pediculosis, or some local disease, like eczema.
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months. All this while there is little or no pain, but a constant
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called poison without exception, and which applies ahke to brandy
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you sent an amount large enough to really make a trial with. I had used the two
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inches in length, and stout enough to be easily grasped in the fingers
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blood as a result of effusion ; and supposing the stain to have been caused
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the right side, beginning at about the temporal ridge
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in the inferior maxilla, with sometimes an ulcer of communi-
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to its invasion. Carditis is known to be very often rheumatic. In
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death for attempting to cure a fever by the repetition
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purely empirical or accidental." Iodine, if not a specific for scrofulous
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ing the aid of compressed air. The experiments of Paul
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experiments have been performed upon animals to show
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it is tolerated), gelsemium, cannabis indica, belladonna, and pilocar-
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flexible, leather-covered bits that are very good. A straight or a
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present illness he had been out of employment, and for
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Dawbarn, referring to Loomis, is quoted as recommend-
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the individual needs of a patient. A few years ago at this
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purely empirical or accidental." Iodine, if not a specific for scrofulous
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wide berth, and the sailors think him a Jonah. If well,
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tric mucosa with the stomach brush, as described by Rum-
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d. Precipitin reactions with normal blood serum from a male.
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need for increased mechanical skill — the co-ordination of com-

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