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months and eighteen days. Eight of these patients entered
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Cause of I^olapse. — I think I may safely say it is
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the patients to modify this excited condition of the motor nerves and
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of the ischium rest. The concavity has the additional advantage of
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containing the poison, and, secondly, to boil the liquid thus di-
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podophyllin pills. After the liver is well cleaned, give a solu-
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fatigue of the paroxysms, much sooner than could have been ex-
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8. Reform in the Coroner's Couit. J. Brindley James.
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infarcts. His vegetations, however, were extremely small, and
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Months, £5 5s. ; Three Months, £4 4s. ; Perpetual Fee,
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sist upon a written request from the patient and his
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more than half, died before the close of the fifth day; 14,
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and later by the investigations of Koss in 1898. and others,
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minations that have been made; and it accounts for the association of three

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