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come on most frequently during the night, when the reflexes are freed

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outer layers of the grain, however, are not lost, so that, weight

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" Experienced butchers are said to know by the smell of meat whether the

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after direct injection into the blood-stream by stimulating the

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patient himself as well as those about him is nauseated by it. That

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in the illustrations at p. 934 open and closed. Fig. 1 — a, cavity of the right

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in the act of breaking down may be observed in a certain stage to present

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fibres normally about the canal. By the pressure in this enlarged canal

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obliterated. And the ultimate success of Nature's effort is

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lar tissue, and its effect under the same dose must be

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F. R. C. P., P. R. S., Consulting Physician to University College Hospital;

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ring in South Central Africa, being due to Trypanosoma rhodesiense,

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patients had nasal disorder of a chronic character; the re-

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Icnowledge of themselves and their relatives ; and these young

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a certain signiHcance, and it is int^inesting to note that in

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indifferent pasture land to a company, who are going to erect a

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"Vorstufe" produced experimentally in animals is identical with an early

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but was not quite complete although convalescence was

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dustrious, busy, working mind tends to grow in power, beauty and compre -

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tissue-oells, constituting the first step in the formation of pseudo-mem-

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(Ui«l in looking at it one cannot fail to In* niiiazcd

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ously. Both patients had been in good health until a short time before

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Glasgow ten such schools entirely set apart for the education of

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the dilatation of the vessels. 3. Quinine acts as an anti-

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