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better pleased with the iodo-hydrarg. pot. in general scrofulous diseases
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the treatment of dentition and of various other affections to which children are
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Besides this gift from the Gas Company and the larger
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seventy-five females. Of those discharged, twenty-aix had
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next seven months, so as to be able to show every stage, from graft-
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their death. It is possible that Polli agreed with Bernard, who said,
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matter, and consequently to contract adhesions; the inflammatory phenomena
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Danvers, Massachusetts, at a cost to the State of $1,-
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a general affection. On the 2d of May the groin continued to swell, and from
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sphere was exclusively the medium concerned in the transmission
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19 Bondd Stftte of Miasouii, Issued to Hannibal and St. Joseph
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lence of the injuring force. The ulna not being very intimately involved in
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with crockery closets, dumb-waiter, sinks, etc., and

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