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afterward become localized in the hip. The patient becomes
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and render it unfit as a beverage for man or beast. It may
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He was married in this city, eleven years ago, to Miss Louise
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We employed the Brandberg method of quantitative estimation of
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large and concentrated injections, but not the small and dilute
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course of an electro-motive current passing from the
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most approved patterns, and constructed for the purpose. We feel ourselvet?
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degree of pallor varies ; it may be waxy, tallowy, or corpse-like ; sometimes
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devoted to accurate observation has as yet been too short to admit
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on a filter-paper which has been saturated with oxy-
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£ftvor the outbreak of the disease. Persons exposed to these influences
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experts in the Metropolis, have used either " gas and ether " as a
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treatment. Statistics are always dangerous things, and espe-
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of the chin of the infant to the sternum, for these parts are out of
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below the ear to near the cricoid cartilage, through the skin and
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intense purulent inflammation, which may extend up the urethra to the
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on record any statement as to its number, save that it
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* Prepared at the request of the Medical Society of the Alumni of the Medical Depart-
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tering in the sky. No thorns are remembered above that sweet clay, save
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behalf would we petition, and express a hope that some of those princely
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6. Goia, I., and Halitza, M. : Remarks on Three Cases of
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founded are separated by the broad distinction of a
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thing is the matter. The woman is in bad health, and as the stomachy
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Cerebro-spiual meningitis vs. fulminant malaria ; a case in
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is equally dogmatical as to the disease proceeding in the opposite
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Imperfect and defective vision is largely the result of civilization.
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