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with the facts. This is a proper subject for medical society

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badoes, in his Official Report on Yellow Fever, observes,

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happens, along the subclavian and carotid arteries, the aortic

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other methods of treatment, which may sometimes be of greater

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last issue, the ophthalmic surgeons have been vieing with

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together and in the same room with those who cannot leave

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organs — the digestive tract, kidneys, lungs and skin. This pro-

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situated high up or near the diaphragm, conceal itself until it has attained

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tion, have been observed to acquire a dark -leaden hue. This arises partly from

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one to find out some of the obscure principles which control the course

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tabulated as follows Sauna's statistics of secondary diphtheria :

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cine, and I wish to know if its bark may be used as a substitute for

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inevitable condusion at which those must arrive who had,

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man, calls for the most serious attention is that relating to abortion. There

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habits of life begin to tell and the effects of old age

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of fluid, evidently urine, amounting to nearly three

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the hands. The lungs being thus extremely inflated, a long-

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vitch 1 had reported similar experiments in a Russian publi-

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milk contains more than the ori2:inal milk. The same is true of

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The gap has been enlarged rather than closed since that

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The advantages are : Convenience in handling ; no need

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MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York

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selection of fighting men and through more thorough

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of medical jurisprudence ; you to do all the work, and I to get all

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stock ; Henry Sylvester Cornwell, New Lond<»n ; Marcus lirutns Fisk,

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one hour from the first feeling of indisposition. The acute pain in the

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