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deranged sensations of the patient, mistaken for something else

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so roach to its danger, Dr. Foot ennroerates four: laryngitis, deliriom, hem-

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not capable of supplying with certainty evidence of live-birth, m those instances

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more irrigated with antiseptic fluid until the latter returns clear from

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to determine more exactly the limits of the disease and lessen

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although they were not given undue prominence in comparison with

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solution in the calomel electrode). The other hole receives the glass tube

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Dr. CovERNTON, of Toronto, invited the association to hold

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to-day of the operation, if undertaken within the first forty-eight

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I have written them out with some care, and hope to

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to be engaged in his regular duties or as master of a ship, giving

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l)est friends. Perhaps, however, it dares to be ridicu-

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tarsal space of the lower lid; large Thiersch skin-flap cut

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information. The reports of various boards and the opinions of eminent surgeons

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of a grindstone at a neighbouring saw-factory. He had been sitting

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l)3en se[)arated from the upper fragment of bone, and

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may have value in the conception of an efficient working h^'pothesis.

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and the corpus restiforme. Recently Van Oordt has published a case

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very frequent record of the pulse and temperature up to

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posal that it should take steps to promote the adoption of an

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Ostreil {Medical Press, July 24, 1901) gives an analysis of

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