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page 70): " As an ecchymosis is produced in the eye, so

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MacDonnell entered at length into the nature of the disease,

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which is not dependent upon distinct anatomic causes. Henoch! has

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fracture of lower end of tibia and fibula. Fracture occurred spontaneously while walking in a patient

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sidered that the ovarian dermoids were really teratomata.

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had sutldenly supervened, and gradually increased in

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mortar and beaten with an iron pestle until broken into

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and it alone, was of a greenish-yellow colour, a very remarkable

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That of the alveolar carbon dioxide tension is not so regular. Certain

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that the oesophagus, although patent, opens into the trachea, and

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^^^Btoo readily a theory which appears to be only a revival of a long

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tor of the calkin, rampone alia regoiiesa, directing it not

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observed in the skin. The source has not been discovered. Liebenthal

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race." The time is ripe for the presentation of this question in popular

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got to have more children, or they have got to walk faster, or

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the sphygmograph. Occasionally, when the double beat is present, every

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opinion regarding its nature, believing that enchondroma alone may

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three, or at most four grammes of sulphuric acid," con-

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me more probable, — though I have made a slight modifi-

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be very careful ; but the dose was perhaps greater than I had

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alysis of this case has already pointed out or suggested

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Illustrated. Sampson Low, Marston & Co., London.

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powder, for example, be fired while a drop of water on leaves

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gotten the intention with which I set out ; and that

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the New York Foundling Hospital, and so far this month there

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Elliotson's lectures also, as published in the " Medical Gazette,"

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in children, and it occurs almost entirely in children under nine

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which the patient had suffered. She presented a serious

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