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ing away with them small portions of the corneal epi-

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does his work right along. He had an interesting complication

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cases showed that both sensation and motion were lost. We

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50 mg/kg/day No effect upon implantation efficiency

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the obliterated hypogastric artery (arteria umbilicalis), and

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run by AmeriCares. The clinic provides medical services

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warm sur&ce to comparatively slight degrees of cold. It is especially

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occur slowly, for the fibrinous laminae, especially at the anterior

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juice be diluted to two or three times its volume, a higher digestive value will fre-

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sumach, of each 1 oz., vinegar 2 pints. — Gray's Supplement.

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This early date was chosen to accommodate those who

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to this I subjoined some suggestions, for the consideration

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had been slit open for the purpose of extracting a diseased ovary,

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letter to the Surgeon-General of the Army for annulment of his

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cept the vis a tergo from the heart and muscular contraction. The

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gauze was removed on the eighth day. On the nineteenth day

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appears to consist of degenerated superficial layers with little or no fibrin.

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Johannessen, Axel: Ueber Injectionen mit antidiphtheritischem Serum und

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should be considered, especially if large doses by mouth tend to upset

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toms are sometimes entirely wanting, whereas, in other cases they are

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after that period, and before full term, it is then termed premature labor.

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to disappear. He reports the case of a patient who was twenty-six, unmarried,

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pletely relaxed. An attempt to arouse him failed, his head fall-

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ening, which was the rule when the joint motion and

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The book is written in a plain and non-technical style,

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The lymph may now be brushed over this surface with a camel's-hair

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xliii, No. 38, p. 1134) reported a very striking result, in a case of

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men, but it ought to receive much more. A case in point

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nancy of the cervix or body of the uterus. Syphilitic

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and normal functions till appearance of deformity and distress

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reduced in size, due to thickening of antitragus. The

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