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travels from I to V. The rays L4, L5, L6, reflected from the mirror BB,
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tion will have set in, rendering the patient intolerant
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this effort an aseptic meningitis was induced by injecting horse
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of the central nervous system, such as are necessary for the
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by the intravenous administration of a single dose of arsphenamine
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its ascent. Moreover, the presence of delirium and of other symptoms of
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cious, the period of incubation is shortened and the constitu-
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class of perceptions ; for it is ascertained from numerous observations, that, after certain injuries of the mednllacy
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It seems probable that iu both an entity has entered the system
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equally divided between the hospital and quarters. The rate of
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the indolent ulcer, with a hard, widely extended base.
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those symptoms and signs present in the case before him. The diagnosis
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clusive nervous character of the disease, without any respiratory
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heart beat, his head was painful, and he fell no desire, and would make
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she was under chloroform, concurred in the opinion that this
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Of recent years the literature has been rich in discussions of
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' It was suggested by a friend that the attached tiypanosomes might
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elected : President, Dr. P. A. Morrow, of New York ; vice-
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later withdrawal of the Society’s endorsement, the profit-sharing feature became inoperative.
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Repr. from: Aun. Soc. ined.-cliir. de Liege, 1887, xxvi.
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articulations the synovial membranes are so extensively hyper-
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ing or elocution, there is, according to Dr. Tassius, no
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In discussing the advances in gynecology considerable
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nostrils, but the list would include buttons, beads, peas, beans, fruit-stones,
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far as they can be tested experimentally) do not reside absolutely in the
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from the protracted fighting, those of the march alone were extreme,
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Aragallus aUnflorus^ synonym of Aragallus lamberti 38
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gully, and, trickling through the rocks, contaminated
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great value of the study made by Lloyd, and its importance to phy-
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grave operation until simple methods had been tried. I had a similar

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