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We should remember that the patella is firmly attached by its entire
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followed. One of the most important points in the treatment of this con-
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Center and Clinic in Two Harbors announced during the
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Educational Association on the social aspects of the war, a
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it is not a local affection : — " 1st. The constitutional derange-
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severally explored. Stricture, or a quarry of impacted faeces, may
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Finklestein, Harold, Durham; Johns Hopkins, 1928 1937 1938
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nished. The following day he was seized with a precisely similar
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have appeared to me. To be just, one must not be fond of one
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the beginning of the treatment in order to be effective,
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between the vagina and abscess is thick. I also use it
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tities in healthy blood, and he attempts to solve the question as to what
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and the convulsive state in general. In only three of Hadden's second
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also heard of instances in which, in the largest military general
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by to to be capable of being agglutinated by human leprous
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moderate amount). Fish may be given. In chronic nephritis,
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serous inflammation which exists in scarlet fever, occurred in my practice:
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Briiche (der angeblich erste Grad der Einklemmung).
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pustules in small-pox. The contents of what the books call
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rare ; when, however, it is obstructed by other cases, dilation of
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several miniature medical schools with one, two or more rarely
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readily ulcerate, under inflammation. It peels off, in some cases,
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the Medical staif, made provision for every variety of accident ;
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exerted by the mixed toxins of the streptococcus erysipela-
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Rev.," July, 1858, p. 34 ; Lebert, " Handb. d. spec. Path.," Bd. ii, S. 80 ;
pomi tomato sauce shelf life
it very well. This is nature's method of removing undesirable tastes
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there; and (4) the kidney is dislocated and fixed in
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It was first used in three bad cases, being administered
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times a day. The dose of the iodide of potassium was
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the niglit. He got out of loed and eluded the vigilance of liis attendants
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Dr. Sangster — In connection with that, I wish to say that for a number of years
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boiled before being put through the common laundry. All
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but certainly over the years it can add up consider-
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stopped, the patient is perfectly .well, having a good
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forcible terms. The leaders seem hardened, and noth-
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appears in an improved form, with its editors' names (Dr.
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trated on the subject under consideration. This exclusive state is
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nostrils, but the list would include buttons, beads, peas, beans, fruit-stones,
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concerning the epidemic of eruptive fever that has appeared at
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