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pliable, plaited affair, conforming to hygienic principles

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ciation, but from unavoidable circumstances. d. s. w.

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caDed tiie moues, menttrucU diicharge, eownes, etc.

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stitution, as to the other, wo should be heartily glad to see the

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emetic, or tepid water. If vomiting is due to acute irrita-

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hensive as are those of Trousseau would be only incumbrances,

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ism of face presentations, dwelling chiefly upon the fact that in the poste-

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of the mental or psychic functions, also leads us into

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matter under what conditions or circumstances of the system originating —

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The changes in the iris itself began with an acute hyperemia. In

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affection of worn-out and exhausted nervous energy ;

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Dit. Marcy, in using the Schultze method, often in-

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bar Islands, Sumatra (especially Singkel), Java (Batavia), Borneo,

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Although some of these products have not yet been found in

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bedsores occur chiefly in those cases in which there is also a marked

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verance with which he pursties this apparently discouraging and in some

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Constantine Hering, M.D., of Philadelphia, was appointed a delegate

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found that a large mass was being expelled through the os,

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I omitted to state that the layer of epithelium lining the left ventricle was

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Professor of Chemistry, South-West London Polytechnic. Fifth

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setts, entered the Carney Hospital, October 29, 1883.

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culture-tube and swab, and the simple directions necessary for

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particulars of which were carefully investigated by Dr. Gull, the

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undersigned, to whom remittances may be sent by postal money Older, bank check, or registered

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Rec, N. Y., 188.5, xxvii, 305-368. — Hammond ( W. A.)

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