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fourth year's men for Medicine, Pathology, and Hygiene. The third is

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19. Morbid Anatomy. — Museum attendance, required for all students throughout

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Medicine, Internal Clinical Medicine, Pathological Anatomy, Materia

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The fov/r years^ instruction is thus divided : — First Year : Zoology,

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but much more frequent in women. In his cases the trouble seemed to be not

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take care that the deeper structures (fasciae, muscles, etc.), are not mechanic-

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of 'the bitterf^ ""^^^ neutralization, of the cream Improve ^ sNlf 111^

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M. Esther Cushnie, M.D., Assistant Resident in Surgery.

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for two years besides, and to haye diligently followed the courses of Normal

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The muscles of the forearm, too, except the supinator longus, remain intact

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French, German. Graduates in Arts, or students haying matriculated

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Sudid, i., ii., iii. Natural Philoeophy— -comprising the composition

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search in the Department of Medicine. These fellowships, which as a rule provide a

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and affection, and are disposed to be cruel to their pets or playmates, the

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ably delicate white skin, which but partly conceals the superficial veins, and

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•payable in each; for every additional year of Practical Anatomy,

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receive pupils to reside with them ; some of the former being members

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tion in absentia does not take place under any circumstances whatever. The

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From f to 1-i gr. (gm. 0.05 to 0.0?) of uric acid has been found in one

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on ^ as auttiorltatlva references In prefferwice to Tedmlcal Orders

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departure {dbgangs eeuguisaa) or other official proof that he has attended the

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that when the paroxysms grow less frequent and violent there is also a gradual

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or to frequent brothels or make himself conspicuous with prostitutes. With

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delegates from societies. Permanent active members of the society, not to

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graduate students. Chemistry of the carbohydrates, lipins, proteins, etc. Prerequisite:

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anus^onS'tKf4^J!f'^^^"^' the^proglottids of tapeworms sometimes migrate from the

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may be obtained at from 90 to 125 dols. for the session.

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U takes pTa» during photosynttiesis aM cont1nv»s In ttie plants after harves. But cwitrol

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product and insure it is the intexuied itaa for purchase.

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fusional insanity of toxic or infectious origin, and a number of authorities

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