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1 a case of pulmonary tuberculosis accompanied by diarrhoea,

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communication in the Appendix to the Discourse on im-

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in defecation, the stool being commonly flattened. The finger

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served four cases which have recovered after a single

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sxs, 641-656. — Schauta. TJeber Operation tier Kectova-

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and kidneys, more particularly — a tax upon the indi-

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Dr. Cheesman then exhibited the following specimens :

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decrees of Popes and of Councils, but also in the writings of the

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follows. (Ott and Field, Journal of Physiology, 1878). When

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by Barbara F. Chatterjee, MS and Pamela Imm, MS, Madison

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his power. In the case of a punctured foot, or any other in-

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limb be attacked, the part ought to be kept well raised, and

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sent, whether by mail or otherwise, and where it is to ■

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144: 144th Evacuation Hospital, PO Box 8000, Salt Lake City 84108.

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the second, is where the anterior fontanelle is, to the left sacro-iliac synchon-

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tuberculous playmates, and he surmises that the infection was

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great depression of spirits. There is anorexia with coated tongue and rarely vomit>

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In December, 18-48, after an interval of eleven years, the disease

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A Case of Post-encephalitic Diplegia with Involuntary

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fornication, adultery, abortion, and child murder, — the thing

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a few remarks upon ulexine extracted by Gerard from

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rapidly saturated and diffused as a salt throughout the fluids of the

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obvious. However, the chief purpose in making this study was to

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