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(1), it has for its primary manifestation the signs of an intestinal
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with existing eye affections to work by this light than by
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spinal canal which intervene between its parietes and the
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the cells were degenerated and there was a diminished number of
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by and large, are not very prone to pay for social problems,
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to the left, is the widest portion of the canal, being a little
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Hardy seemed to a certain extent conversant with the subject,
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cordance with that Aristotelian method of reasoning
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of towns have been more generally and more severely affected
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different frequencies or wave lengths as represented by the
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has been going on for some time, banners and ovals are quite numerous ; this
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much time. When we were laboring on the question Dr. Mears took
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who have "been there 7 7 and want only to help their colleagues from making the
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tube could not be inserted without it and when drain-
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vent serious laceration. Attention to this practice should be a routine
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at adaptation. This first division deals with internal
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mata, Typhus, the Plague, Mumps, A"STiooping-cough, and Glanders.
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ready to endorse the banishment of alcohol as a medicine. Ever
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intervals; (6) absence of high temperature. Treatment is
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RotAnv Professor Baj. Mr A. N. ; Professor „, g^.„ j Dr -James ' Professorl
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Round-cell infiltration may be here and there present. Small hemor-
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however, only to the early stages of febrile character in young and
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point. Lard, '' Cottolene," and butter with seventy-five per
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is in the author's record of one hundred and seventy-
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connections to the vestment, I was enabled by slow and
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increased by attempts to move the limb or joint. Sydenham
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but in most it is apparently due to the presence of one of those forms
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Arterial or circulatory degeneration, a condition that is com-

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