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of the American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky.

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Inxatioii, it was not possihlo to iiiako i-tliciont proHstiro from

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of the tetanus in the case under consideration would

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numbering as many as six or seven radiating from the anus,

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popular aspect of cerebral localization, that what was

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unless the inflammation be limited to these regions.

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by frequent warm baths and frictions of the skin, the exhalations of which

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viscera to the walls of the abdomen are of quite subsidiary importance.

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T find on reference to my case-books, that during the past year, from Nov. 1,

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occasion to get statistics as to the poorer classes com-

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las is abundant. Stille reports the following striking

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hydrogen gases are freed; hydrogen and carbonic add are formed

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stricted, probably by the action of the vocal cords.

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Many infants suffering discomfort and irritability im-

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undoubted worth, which, even in the presence of a minute quantity of acid,

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ment of the female pelvis ; the cervix uteri during pregnancy ; the

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infectious disease. The bacillus is described by the investigators and

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Diets For Infants and Children in Healtii and in Disease. By

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According to Spaeth (U. S. Hygienic Laboratory Bulletin No. 115):

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ted to the consideration of physiological chemistry,

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Roux, Bouchard, and Gibier have seen extremely fine points in the

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I could relate a number of cases bearing upon that point, show-

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ments before. I know, too, that they have heretofore

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Definition. — Erysipelas is an acute disorder, characterized by the

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influence of an anesthetic or some drug. Sometimes a

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about a public understanding of the conditions, and secure the

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such as calomel, beta-naphthol, naphthalin, salol, cre-

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$10 to S25 per month. Male teachers from $iS to $33.

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Contributions to the Annals of Medical Progress and Medical Education in the

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