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It appeared, then, that peripheral irritations as the
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been before the Committee during the year. Forty-six
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lum has succeeded admirably in his object of placing at the com-
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ing pelvic inflammation — has now become a well-recognized
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struments, and renew the attempt to deliver. Recognizing the necessity
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pressure-producing intra-cranial lesions (which are the only
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noticed a small lump, the size of a walnut, on the inner side of
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since the impurities of tap or spring water give a very
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to the angle of the jaw he would have got a very decided
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any synthetic power; his argument is that it has a selective
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important injury, as, for example, gunshot fracture of the
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Although decreasing, diphtheria still lingers in Hartford, where
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imitate the Americans ? " It would plainly be a very
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deterioration of the lymph by crowding out the specific microbes, but in
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the left forefinger in the wound carefully indicated the exact
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with an impacted fracture of the femoral neck, complicated by trau-
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the fibres from their surface. Non-medullated nerve-fibres were less abundant,
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large amounts of organic acids is associated with the presence of
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contact with a hot, platinized, asbestos plate. 2 C H3 O H
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M. S., patient, a female, aged 40, was admitted to the Manchester
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by the administration of such a salt as sodium bicarbonate. It has also
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which the underlying brain has been penetrated and lac-
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the return of the chlorides (chloride of sodium chiefly) to the urine
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disorder arising in childhood tends to arrest mental growth, and therefore
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habitations, on account of the deadly malaria, which no culture can annihilate.
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patient experiences a temporary sense of relief after vomiting. He has a
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hollows, in trees and burrows, and get along with less
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situation the eruption spreads all over the body, but more in the
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is, perhaps, no other disease on which the public con-
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the human race ; it is only now that this important fact has
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