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(c) The care of the sick and wounded on the march, in camp, on
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Boehm believes that the active principle acts on a center in the medulla
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elements also operate in a morbid manner, in very different organs, in
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Medical schools can be studied and compared in many
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wished to take any position on the most recent of these, the
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orange, the juice and rind of four lemons, 2 lbs. apples.
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of 1:4. Culture from spinal fluid negative. Mar. 24, 10.35 a.m. Lumbar
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the spleen. It is difficult to explain why, in spite of excessive cjrano-
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purchased, as return tickets at the reduced rate will
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symptoms at all referable to the calculus were excessive pain In the back, and
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I ■ Diagram of the Cycle of H^mogregarina canis. (Constructed froni
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certain effects upon colored and colorless corpuscles ; the kidneys continually remove
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Dublin Hospitals, 349 ; reported candidature of for
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fourth ribs near the inner margin of the left scapula.
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plied, as the disease is a rather common one at the
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to the same epidemic as treated in hospital and in private practice.
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O 1-1 »H CO lO CO '-^ -C^ • O Tt< -tH (M iQ CO t- CO t- O • -^ »-i tH -rjl 05 »-l CO • (N 00 lO 00 CO (N
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carry contagion. Does Dr. "Sanitas" advocate the abo-
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The cases illustrating the diffuse forms are those in
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four in one day, and full doses of bromide, chloral, and opium
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Loring truly said, "With it, it is like walking into
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by means of magnets and other devices, to move the anaes-
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been applied to the investigation of disease, the sphyg-
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it in front of a light, the circulation of the blood in the
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circumstances, he would probably be the same as any
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areas had larger families (1.6 versus 0.9 children) and more
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adhesions are often general. The quantity of peritoneal fluid
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te clinical sign which will inform us of this fact; or, in the
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Picture No. 15 (spleen) — Size normal, miliary tubercles scattered
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pital history. In the light of our present knowledge,
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are greatly distended, their walls and immediate vicinity infiltrated with
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and then decide on further procedure. If he found that the
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equal, an elevated region of several thousand feet above the
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hinders the occurrence of the chloral narcosis, but rather deepens the sopor
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As I have already told you, the patient has been three weeks
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Mackenzie s Classification of Pulse Irregularities. — Mackenzie, in his
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neighborhood ; it does not destroy it. It is now recognized
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pigment cell under the action of light, and (/>) the depth to which the

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