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interesting to compare the pin maps for the years of 1911 and

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It should he noted that if it is eventually decided that

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the bone, occasionally cartilage; almost never cartilage alone.

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leave little of the case which the antivivisectionists tried to make.

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the pain disappeared in the course of three or four days. In

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luetic children within a period of four years give positive reac-

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amounts in the blood by the stimulating action of the serum upon seg-

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the local School Inspection Department had shown to be present among

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b. drilW down about hi^f «, ~" T? ' "■ •"" » "<"« '"ouM

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that more active measures for the control of this disease

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2. Hayes, S. L., et al.: Ethanol and oral diazepam absorption,

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as ingestion and retention of foodstuffs, principally carbohydrates

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stimulation and acute rage) have been reported in psychiatric pa-

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George Ralph Schuster, of Dayton, died March 13, aged 37.

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The society was addressed by David Marine, of Cleveland. — Allen County,

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The presentation of the City's milk inspection work was illustrated

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tration, but the exact cause and mechanism which bring this

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ton. These prizes are from the fund donated for this purpose by the

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Infant Feeding: In the International Clinics {Volume 11, 22nd Series),

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pendent members of the families of one another, should

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1. Coma from onset; hyperpyrexia, asphyxia. 2. Headache; violent, with

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the renal inflammation is more directly proportionate to the virulence and

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suggestive of pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy. Possibly this con-

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•«d orer the produce of H^ 11 ^ ^t ^ ~« ''<»" "ewl/ c«t

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comes to this country with a deep seated fear of the hospital.

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"The chemical examinations always include a search for preservatives,

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2, The Circulation in the Arm of Man, by A. W. Hewlett, Professor

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Noguchi (Journal of Experimental Medicine, December, 1911, p. 557)

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man gland ; he has shown that there is about sixteen times as much arsenic

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sound is slightly accentuated. The pulse rate is eighty, rhyth-

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of cases. So long as the papillae of the hair are not destroyed one may

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tablets should not be used. Hyperkalemia can occur, and

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ever, no signs of this separation made out in the examination

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and for a few days the water may then become contaminated.

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moreover, a generous, helpful and resourceful consultant. As an

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H the head be lifted it resumes its fonner position u soon as

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