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as to show their descriptive anatomy and their physiological

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strong, and in many cases it is well to rub the part with eau de Cologne

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neuritis does not affect Waller's law, but proves that peripheral lesions of

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the generative tract are said to be reflex. The abnormal condition

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it is impossible for them to break its vice-like hold.

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Ibid., 1887-8, xxvii, 545-5.54. Also, Reprint. . Ex-

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Ruling: An institution meets the section 1861(j)(l) definition of "skilled nursing

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ekzema exists amongst us at the present day. This term is

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mental or physical ; are dejected in mind, and wear an expression of

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glycosuria may be thus produced (Bernard, Physiologie Experimentale,

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Webster (D.) Tenotomy of the ocular muscles for the

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over 200,000 of our population were left out in taking the census of

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ounces every three or four hours. On account of the very rapid waste

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principles of dietetic bowel regulation and the removal of several

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Pressure of the speculum brought out of the cervix about a dram of

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already has several thousand pounds sterling for the equipment

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quantities and the possible production of gangrene must be con-

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brain and superior motor centres, as well as upon the circula-

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sailors in receipt of the usual wages, and who would otherwise be unem-

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2. Those who had invented splints to fulfil certain

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Radu, J. J. [Dr., Bezirksarzt, Botuschan, Rumanien.]

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would be administered every half hour excepting during

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deputation of members of Parliament, to present memorials,

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a steady stream as large as my finger, just as steadily as it would flow

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sion factor would, however, be small since the prisoner of war

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as the title of a most sensible leading editorial, which we wish we

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wall. There was a constant dull pain in the orbit and fron-

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48. Goodman BE. Brown SES, Crandall ED: Regulation of transport across

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occur without evidence of bone injury. 3 It may also occur

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