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the day from 150 to 200 grammes of urine was passed, which

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tober 23d, Dr. Harry Melville Nickerson, of Portland, Me.,

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hard labor, of a child with forceps. I was asked about fifteen months

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renal hypera;mia, i.f., a trace of albumin and casts.

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In the entire series of seventy-one cases no death has been recorded

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examination. Cocaine is usually required, but may often be dispensed with

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as cool or winter weather has come on. It is probable

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with smooth walls. The tympanitic sound may be deadened by closure of

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of the labor which is to be got out of the>e poor pa-

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pose of avoiding the intense pain produced by a large number

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condition of the edges points at one time to a tear, at other timeS'

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follow in treating cracked skulls in railroad camps and pistol shot

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hands for other duties. Horsley's wax is required to control bleeding

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severe marsh fevers in certain geographical limits have a close

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measles; it is also produced by certain gastric irritations, as in

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a focus in the tliroat of the patient ; and this remark is

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tion has received strong support from the result of recent experiments

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common duct reach the biliary ducts and penetrate the epithelial cells.

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two druggisu out of the eighty-one have given exactly the re-

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30 minutes), though in this the bactericidal power is somewhat

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nobility of character, because they disbelieve in some-

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a .sourceof malai ial fever. N. Orl. M. & S. J., 1893-4, n. s.,

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occasion. At the time of going to press we had not been able to

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The chapters of this book on tlie treatment of asthma are

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paniment of adherent placenta, and the dilated condition of

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