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enced man, whose first and most important qualification is

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be longer or shorter, and consists of two compartments which

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ing more and more to be purely hygienic and not local.

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which the virtues of olive oil in large doses, as a

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iimit, and often the only satisfaction we derive from our

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heart are different according as the condition is primary or secondary ;

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of saliva is recorded by three, and symptoms that may be

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contraction of some of the scapular muscles ; and irritation of the palm

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witnessed the experiments, and at the request of Dr. Miisehold I made a

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Middle Valley ; second vice-president, Dr. J. H. Griffith, of

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Experiment 1. — Total and differential leucocyte counts were made on fifteen

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And belonging to women of this peculiar constitution there is

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ment of the tubercle-bacillus. The siiurefeste bacilli have

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Translated by Robert Thomas Hulme, M. R. C. S., Eng. Parts 1, 2, and

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tissues in every way, or vary the composition of the fluids. The air

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"identical white cells" are figurative, although it is

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warranted by his observations is, that the muscular movements

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prevalent theory is that, following complete paralysis of the

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the submucosa forming a small abscess. Lymph nodes removed

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meyer himself before his death. If any blood entered the

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others may form at the bend a sharp angle which likewise modifies

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speaker has recently analyzed 129 cases of this disease, all

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" We examined Mr. B. Weall's flock on the 7th of September,

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% until it has attained to a certain degree, which may be slight or

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Fracastoria (the name is also spelt Frastorius), there

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of the individual. The medical history of any given

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sclerotic changes in the valves. Whatever the mode of origin the result is

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These pictures show the kidney stones taken by a new meth-

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the health of Wisconsin citizens as a result of iodine

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