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frequently, however, a natural arrest appears to take place ; for patients
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days of his practice he cultivated literature. He had real love for
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THE PATENT LEG has been in use 12 years, and the in-
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swallowing it. They have also all a simple stomach and a
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And you are very unlikely to accomplish your object. As for
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nancy they may sometimes be confined to that state for two or three
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circulation. He has frequently taken two dogs, and fed one
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Sir,— The paper by Dr. C. P. Edwards, " On Fever in
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published a little book with the title "Coffea Arabica,
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African trypanosomiasis shows a rapid pulse rate whether the case shows tem-
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Bartholomew's Hospital, promises to be a great success. At the consecra-
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-liulilcr t.iMii- ni.i\ i:\r r\^r t,. iL.thint.' niovf tli.iit diu'ln L.'i'iirr,il Ji^Mnitci !,
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I wish you to see the appearances at this stage of the case. I hold my hand
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idiosyncrasy to lead, and poisoning may occur at any age.
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procal participation of morbid action. I shall illustrate this position by
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handled their milk with more care and succeeded in removing the cause, while review
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observer found it in the motions of a man suffering alternately from
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the primary receiving station for visual impressions in the occipital
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Bechet stated that modern dermatology began in France in 1800 with
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pneumonia developed on the left side, while sputum examination
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contagious disease had become the most essential ingredient
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medical treatment has made but little progress as yet. If antisyphilitic
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table ? How is he to acquire a thorough knowledge of chem-
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have discharged t:iat duty hitherto, has shown that it is one
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~"'i'"''''- "' ^''iDi-'HMui tr.utii!-.,-. -Ilic} .n-<- l.inu-lit .il'..ut hi pn.lunf,'rd
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which there bad boon i)eronnaI atrophy with anything like the interference
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pilocarpine in urticaria to an able physician he promised
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membranous exudation. Tracheotomy has been performed.
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the fifth day after feeding. He did not find any ookinetes or
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Short Dermato-Therapeutic Contributions. — By K. Siebert.
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or garilens, or from the dejections of animals. A soil
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or focus of irritation we decided to advise trephining,
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the parts, so that the skin became much thickened and

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