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It will be seen from this brief survey of the contents of his

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(and this is the usual effect of any pronounced focal lesion of the spinal

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sion of the patient. The same may be said for chloroform.

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Euzymeactiim in lower organisms. Pi oc. Roy. Soc. Ediub.

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Turpentine is also a most valuable remedy in haemorrhages,

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days with no effect upon the apparent numbers. One. cage trap at the

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Medical staff of a Hospital at Charleston, TT. S., to whom he had

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Mary, when a pregnant woman was burnt in the island of

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reasoD, in the analysis of the symptoms, we should bear

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and then use a simple astringent consisting of one grain of crea-

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to the left, and in one the pulsation occurred at the back of the

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aim the prevention of disease, or the establishment of principles by

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mitted that its prevalence in an extreme degree occurs

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tion ; iron, and lead -filings, are less so ; zinc and copper,

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words. There is an elevation of the edge of the cornea, caused

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illustrate a large class of cases familiar to all aural surgeons.

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contrary to an established rule of surgery, it does not

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dition of the eye requires treatment unless it produces

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position. There was a good deal in the remark that position might assist

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nary case, and on its threshold the questipn arises how

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that the disease, once established, is the effect of a cause which

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move to New York City in October of the same year, but the

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