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aggravated in 3x trit. and seemed to do good in the 30th, atid
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Larynx and "[ntAOHXA.— Catarrhal conditionaof the kcynx improved..
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Distortion of Parasites Occupying One Corpuscular Mound. — In-
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of the spinal cord, or hydrorachis. Internal hydrorachis is a collection of
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sions were examined. The absolute value of the rate of cicatrization,
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to be a sufficient argument to establish the true lymphatic nature oi
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is allowed to stand at 37.5°C, being least marked when the culture
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After a large number of slightly infected wounds had been studied,
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For a visit as consulting physician during the night, 1 10 00
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Respiration good. The upper lobes of the right and left lungs have medium rales.
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patients as do the disease-producing Types I and II. The study of
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the injection; then the respiration gradually slowed to a slight ex-
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prudent exposure or from errors in diet were not unfrequent
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eases of the throat and lungs, except confirmed con-
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months, and then remaining stationary for as long a period.
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blood at a moment when an outburst was taking place.
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It will be remembered that the first trial of etherization was
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in bronchitis the membrane lining these passages is but slightly, if at
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sense of touch, a keen eye, and an unfaltering hand, rendered him a
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kidney was found on palpation to be swollen to the size of the fist. On pressure
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tability. For a complete and exhaustive summary concerning patholoiry and pathogenesis, vide Hugh-
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fatal issue may be expected. In such cases the temperature rises to 104°
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unwilling to be convicted, thereu>re in defending the new art, they
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tants to the spine and limbs, and to the face by the application of a
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there may be in the spine bony lesions — displace-
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demonstrated by science — that the living body is
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internal use recorded is that contained in his article. I quote now
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Lister nor a Pasteur had arisen to explain them, the
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quent hemorrhages from the lips, gums, and tongue. In a severe case,

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