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age have been introduced into the blood, they will give rise
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cases be given a trial. In Case II it is probable that, if the digitalis
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At 6 P. M. she was seen by a neighbouring physician. He reports that
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In connection with the localising symptoms which may be produced
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cry vigorously, or the lungs should be well expanded by an efficient
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gresses more or less regularly, and at the end of three
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tion of serum, with a very dark -coloured coagulum. He has
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The treatment consisted in the external application of warmth, and in
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investigations have, however, cast doubt upon the^ old assumption that
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of the drug or wasliing it away before it could properly take
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As "considerable confusion appears to have existed as to the pre-
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likely to give them stilted ideas, out of their hands, we shall have
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ment of the uterus by its round outline and hardness and our ability
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I SlembeiyB carerul experi mentation geem» to show the identity of Neiaser's gonococ-
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ulcer or subcutaneous abscess without evidence of lung involvement.
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motion in the second or deformity stage. But the golden
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the class of patients who have been "cured" by all sorts
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cooperation of one function to the maintenance of all. The expo-
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Autopsy y made twenty hours after death. — Body well
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Born on Nov. 22, 1893 in Hixton, Wis., Doctor Rose-
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for histoloijic examination in the followini; case.
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Ofr knowledg-e of leukipmia or leucocytliaemia has ad-
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Much has been made of lucid intervals, and therefore we must not
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iron, &c. I must, however, confess, I have been often sur-
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sop to Cerberus, a clause distinctly opposed to its
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