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Montreal M. J., 1892-3, xxi, 50-52.— Rook (A. E.) Case
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of dead matter called a " core." A boil is about a week in devel-
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ant must judge each case on its merits and decide accordingly.
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1 !,'/(. Tiie patient reported having suffered mucli from pain in the pra3-
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Cases of puerperal septicemia consequent to gonorrheal infection
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world ; or she may be sealed to a man already dead, and may
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separate piece of bone in its substance, which may subsequently articu-
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erythema, and petechise are common. Sepsis frequently occurs in the
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and diphenylhalogenmethanes possess also this remarkable tendency to unite
drium may bulge, the ribs protrude and be widely separated, and fluctua-
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a hand by stable Johnny Raws, that they become instru-
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which is in a state of congestion, and differs further from it in
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a favorable turn, the alkali is to be omitted altogether
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fibrin. The brown color comes from admixture with blood. A new growth
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liaference to this state of the optic apparatus, Haekensie says, Ch. XVIfl. Sec. 11, " Although Uie
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or the pleximeter finger must be applied lightly to determine even
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issuing from the opening in considerable quantity. The
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most affected, and in them the pain is extreme. Metastasis is a prominent
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frequently, to atrophy of the glandular and absorbent
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frankly surrendered them when convinced, by evidence, they were
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taken). 60. LEUBUSCHER. Berlin, klin. Wochenschr. 1882, No. 39, p. 590. 61.
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Identical sessions will be held March 11, 12 and 13
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tribute the mishaps of Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, to the charac-
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abdominis was rigid and deep pressure showed tenderness. At
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by and large, are not very prone to pay for social problems,
prostamol uno 320 mg x 60 kaps
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fact, but few miUtary Surgeons prepare the glyceiincd lymph
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colic, which recurred so frequently that he was forced to aban-
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15th. — Temperature 103'3°, pulse 130; coma slowly deepen-
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further amount of serum introduced was 10 c.c. on the second day
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was tried. In ordinary cases one or two injections of from one-
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Dose: The same, and at same intervals, as directed for Caloarea.
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his subject, they do little else than obscure and distract his

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