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Circ., Lond., 1894, u. s., Ivii, 389. — I*etel. Osleo-iu thrite
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not diminish the number of leukocytes ; and thi?) fact contra-
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ascribe to a simple ingredient in a mixture ; which never sub-
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glands enlarged. There was very little blood in the vena cava or any of the
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ily increasing from childhood to about the thirtieth
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and to the improvements in the mechanical details of the necessary
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to become necrotic. There are cases in which a multiple neuritis with motor
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fore, in saying that my results, immediate and remote,
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in quick succession, came the memorable treatises of Morton, Torti,
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McCall Anderson, § entitled "Clinical Lectun's <>n the
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tached fragments completely removed and the ends of
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the right hypochondrium into the epigastrium and over into the left hypochondrium (the
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ment. The general histologic condition of all the sections was found
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practised for many years as a physician in the Blooms-
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dated May 31, 1884, and was sent by Cardinal Monaco
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factory explanation, except on the ground of the effects of
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one of the Face. — This may be spontaneous or pro-
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several examinations a small sinus was found, this was
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seat of the irritative movements. They are robbed of the pro-
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very Uttle unfortunately is known. The first visitation at Trieste was in 1835,
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Work of House Surgeons and Surgical Dressers. JFifth
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which it remained in contact for a considerable time. 10th. Ttiat the
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« and smaller offices. Individual pieces may also be purchased.
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and especiall}' disease of a psychic kind, may affect an
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The volume ends with a postscript by F. Sans-Terre,
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but deficient both in quantity of excretion and colour ;

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