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specific disease, but they may be produced by more than one
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The Peonia (often called iiiney), the Apium petroseUnum (garden
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W. F. M. Adams, Toronto ; X. G. Allin, Bowmanville ; G. W.
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rhage and the palliation of suffering; and, third, the employment of
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Dr. Edwin Rosenthal, of Philadelphia, presented a paper oa "The
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Bceiiis to have receivral Bu])port from the occurrence of articular ri
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stomach ; and this, of course, rendered the clairvoyant account
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Pa., reporting to the commanding officer. Twenty-eighth Vol.
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reddish color of the myeloplaxes themselves, as may
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limits; but many people have naturally, or acquire, a great instability of
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results be shown ? But before accepting these statistics
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ennially in Chicago. There have been four of these.
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tory of an enemy without some idea of the obstacles he is likely
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a simple extraction was made, the result being excellent in each; after a
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convulsions ranged in age from 2 months to 5 years. Convul-
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attacks of malaria and was given quinine three times a week.
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sclerosis type on volitional movement. These tremors we have found to
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period, and for the eleven months from the beginning of the year it has
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eration undergo spontaneous cure, especially those in ad-
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typical "lichen" papules. They are yellowish, brownish, or even dull
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cases, where the patient cannot go long without food ; but the
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ent JXpfm structural change in the larynx, or in which the nervous
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ditions in consequence of peripheral stimulation ; for there one found
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nogram was repeated. If the results of recordings were still
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not simply forms that are essentially pathogenic, which produce
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3. Inflammation of the Peritoneum covering the Uterus and its
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by the earher numbers which we noticed some time ago {Prac-
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