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natural passages, and appears in the urine. This woman's urine

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peritoneal cavity, the appendix should be through tonsillitis with anomalous rash to

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upon the Home Secretary, for the purpose of laying be-

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produced by lightning, since the scotoma produced by

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Med. Asso., Vol. XXX, page 256) his results in the treatment of

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patients had nasal disorder of a chronic character; the re-

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or whisky, slightly diluted with warm water. Trocar if

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3. Postoperati\ e Myxoedema ; Cachexia Strumipriva. — The s^Tnp-

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(W. W.) Gangrene as a complication and sequel of the

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the more you study the pathology of your cases the better will you

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ment in which the choicest and most original articles re-

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brain. It arises from the neuroglia, and may be soft like

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America, even there we find the disorder assuming some of

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terval of several weeks occurred, during which the patients showed

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soundly from within outward. Many of these cases will die

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think, pretty nearly gone. Removal of the ovaries has

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this takes no account of the cases treated by advertising

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scription and drawings of an ingenious contrivance for

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