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lowing delivery. Puerperal fever occurred the second day

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It may be thought that the presence of opisthotonos disproves the view

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of a patient who was under the care of Dr Frederick Taylor in Guy's

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rhage had occurred and I deemed it necessary to tampon

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above ; otherwise, the ointment alone suffices perfectly.

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The course of Lectures for the ensuing season will be delivered in the new and extensive college edi-

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quently affected, however, than patients ill with other diseases who are

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Method of M. Gensoul. — This method rests entirely upon

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multiformity and frequent latency of the disease. It must not be sup-

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received some nourishment which has supplied the deficiency and that

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of sections or classes exceeds fovu", the teaching staff shall be further increased so

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Carbonic oxide.— The noxious effects of the vapour of burning charcoal art

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the micrococci, sarcin?e, bacteria, bacilli and vibriones of anthrax, glanders,

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stitutional, it lies beyond the reach of medicine ;

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cated classes, is surprised to find himself placed by

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ments was practically circumvented. The persons who caused these


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axillary region. We wish, however, to call attention to a possible source of

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the first and more reliable accompaniments of arthritis is rigidity.

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and lavage of the stomach. Enemata of warm water may serve to over-

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A patient has suffered for a year or for eighteen months from Cruveilhier'a ulcus

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syringe should also be boiled and devoid of all grease,

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employ one which bums but one-eighth of a foot in the same time.

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curve, and coming in contact with the bodies of the vertebrte

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bundle, correctly named by Wernicke, lies on the latero-

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seous Art." if English, or "Art. Interossese" if Latin.

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the corresponding disease of the liver. The constant presence of

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