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are not grouped, and where by extension or coalescence
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with morbus coxarius. a, Muscular fasciculi in which no traces of transverse striaB
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but no surgical operation was found to be necessary.
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only with the latter that ascites can be confounded. In this spe-
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coils of red congested and very much distended intestine.
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Epilepsy. In 3 cases of epilepsy the readings were twenty-one
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covered, besides some superficial ulceration. The bor-
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simulating lymphadenoma as the one I have just mentioned ; but I have never
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the sinking energies of life their last chance of rallying. Im-
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his reasoning is not satisfactory. Mumps is clearly a morbid affection
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tumor. The tumor had necrosed internally and was a mere
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of hepatic disorder, a mercurial pill followed by a saline is best.
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and offered no appearance of fibres— that the canal it formed was
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two druggisu out of the eighty-one have given exactly the re-
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613 of scarlatina, 119 of diphtheria, 17 of typhus fever, and 54
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the upper limb showed jerky movements, as in the clonic convulsions of epilepsy. Two
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without the knowledge of the methods of physiological review
and wept for a quarter of an hour at a stretch " and
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they understand the nature of an oath, and the character of the proceedings
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not "hide his talent in the earth," but desired to make disciples
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were prepared and sent to the Surgeon General in order to enable him
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the vitality of a daily journal. Moreover, he was of the race of
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supply to that muscle is given off before the nerve appears at the
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4. I'hc period during which the bougie should be retained.
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believe chloroform to be the better drug of the two in
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managed in the towns as in the country districts of Den-
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cerning which the opinion of the physician is of greater value than
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tense. This subsided in a few days under Verat, vivid.,
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Law Class Valedictory by Oleonder H. Pollard, of Kentucky.
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The presence of hydatids in the lungs always involves great danger ; the
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with Spencer standard supe- s,jj,e, Al)l>e condenser and
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ities, but not much was learned of the disease and its
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gratulate the publishers on the successful issue of their book,
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