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great pain and ciliary injection, which, unless the

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Exhibit-A heart the subject of mitral ) j^ g ^ Bbwlk

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of public recreation. In this park there is being held, during

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that a great step in glossotomy has been made by Mr. Barker, of University

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The following lotion, known as " Lotio sulphuris cum tragacan-

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recorded their phenomena, and perhaps arrived at a conclusion more or

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revaccination, diagnosis, surveillance of contacts, isolation of

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valveless veins can not bleed, it causes a rush of blood

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was first established by actual proof, about forty years ago, in

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was that of a typical case of bulbar palsy. His speech

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general eruption begins, but, as a rule, it is present when the

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sense intended to be a detailed statement on the modern

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then given. This caused a further fall in pressure, making a

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influence which light exercises upon some animals is of

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scribed for guinea-pigs by Rosenau and Anderson, 1 for rabbits by

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ally, so that at the end of sixteen months after his first

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{d) pressure from without, as in proliferative peritonitis involving ti>e gastrin

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full size bottle of NEDROSINE. DIOV1DURNIA and CERMILETUM. also complete Formula, onlj

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(Ortolani or Barlow signs) or an abnormal ultrasound

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The importance of clinical instruction is so much felt in Germany,

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liability to phthisis after typhoid fever, proving that the person was of a

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tion in its compressed and irritated structures. But, be this the case or not,

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and by the catheter." " And that when there is doubt as to the nature

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ing process there. And this must be recognized in securing

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I suggest that this is a possible means of securing a steady high voltage

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is that many teachers have heretofore been employed without

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first indication to be fulfilled is to check the flow by

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stimulant effects are physiologic, while the depressant or

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ucated medical practitioners in England, by the name of Wentworth,

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is ever to be introduced into military surgery, some immoveable

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one inch deep, a pledget of cotton soaked in liquor calcis chlorinatse, and left

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without any cardiac symptoms which he can remember. Had inflammation of the

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or three times daily, long continued, has been more satisfactory

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The basic concept of this proposal is full health care for all persons through private health insurance. For many who

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toms because they have been so mild, or attracted so little attention,

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in the solid tissues of any of the pelvic organs. In general, the

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mitis, and S. mucosus, varieties which were to be recognized by

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face. He was a tall, delicate youth, 17 years old, and

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Ammonium Benzoate. — H., dr. 2-4 (gm. 8.-15.). D., gr. 5 15(gm. .3-1.).

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