Ropex Supplement

off patches of mucous membrane from the throat as it passes down, you had
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to tlic Queen, etc. Fourth Kdition. Kaliir^ed und Ilhmtruted by Sev-
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1906 c. — Thegid parasite {Coenurus cerebralis); its presence in American sheep.
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discover influenza bacilli in any of the cases, but a
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Lond.,' 1899, ii, 778.— Ililgartncr ( H. L.) The eye in its
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from a crescent the chromatin of which is escaping in the form of a filament (prep-
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What to Do. — Keep the patient on a strict diet. Avoid all
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rigid walls which can not meet to obliterate the cavity. When
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indulge in much exercise. Light diet. Regular treatment for a
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only has the cholera introduced by the Hurdwar pilgrims
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except for about half an hour daily around 6 p.m. He then had the pain in his
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injections, but, on the contrary, it is the sequel of inactive treat-
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The delirium now referred to is an active delirium, chamcterized 90IB^
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should always be used, and that at intervals of three or four days. The author
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will often fail, almost invariably if their bowels be ex-
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own fingers, eyes, ears, and microscope. Too often the
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there is usually a moderate increase of the leukocytes, which rarely
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32. Lyon, B. B. Vincent: Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Gall-
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be lacerated, above its attachment to the sesamoid bone ; or it
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April 1, 1915, Vol. XXI, No. 4, p. 298) by means of

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