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Moutard-Martin, while a medical student, became himself affected with
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honoured Fothergill. Fothergill, also a collector of rarities, had
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this country. It is especially characterised by having a comparatively
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experiments made on different organs and on different bodies, I have not ob-
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cii'^8ti-<lo-mu-e-16^ma). [Gr. n/artf bladder -f
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crates down to that of Dr. Squire to-day, which had kept the light burning.
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Now, at the outset, in regard to the unsuccessful cases, it must be ob-
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second kind "false," but it would seem better to era-
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from pain ; there is still some swelling and tenderness of the
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rabbits were inoculated with living bacteria or with cultures killed
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l> 'lieve it possesses merit in the simplicity of prepara-
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meningitis. The diagnosis of hasmorrhage in the cen-
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sulated. E. C. Rosenow^ gives a method of staining by which the pneu-
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Bryant [Lancet, May 12, 1S94, p. 1189) reports a case of this kind in a
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spiratory system has been often confounded with the circulatory. All the
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with other enzyms, there seems to be a greater formation of a specific
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Herr recommends large doses. Yeast was first used among prisoners
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towel. Then comes the breakfast, consisting of a small
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temperature would indicate thorough infection, yet the local inflammation was
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proved. The return of sensation is regarded as indicating
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may be very ready to call them knowledges ; but tliey
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legs. A much smaller and paler mosfjuito than A'^. maculipalpis. (8)
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pigmented scars on the right shin, but there were no nodes on
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terference with, or deficient nourishment of, the lens,
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Some people who suffer from habitual costiveness are very apt

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