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the influence of liquor." I quietly asked the policeman

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caused by reflexes from the head and its vicinity, as it is in this region that we

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ness where there is no other complication? I say I doubt the possibility.

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was red and very thin, while the base of the tumor was surrounded by a

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of Christiania. Of the entire number of growths 38 per

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of the samples. The number of bacteria varied from 150

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ence gained from the study and results of treatment of such

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9. The outbreak of Cholera at Mecca and other places in Arabia in the early

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quassia iu glycerine, act more speedily than ten grains,

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inch of a hair-like foft fubftance hangs. Says he has had no pain,

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" system," to the practical exclusion of the more learned if

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intended to lighten and remove, — which seeks to gather, from na-

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blood-stained, but evidently nothing i)assed from uterus. Some herpes

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voluntary muscles may be thus attacked with apparent hypertrophy.

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with little or no alteration in the number of free H

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bowels are irregular, sometimes rather costive, but most frequently

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Dr. BRO-iDDENT commenced the discussion by avowing his

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I feel unusually fortunate in this inquiry that I do not

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1865 Foster, John Bunyan, 66, Upper Charlotte- street ^

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possible, with the immense number of topics treated, to

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"ud section will be devoted to that which pertains to the

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the disease Occurred; 5. An alphabetical index of all the streets and places

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Proben (C. J.) Syphilitic o.steitis of the humerus and

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2. Ailments which produce a fatty degeneration of the renal tubular

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the diseases involving danger by asthenia, consist of alcoholic stimulants,

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of Lee, Mass. ; First Vice-President, Dr. J. P. Rand of Worces-

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denounced the murderer; but his companion remained dead. This

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regular strictures, and the good results obtained by the

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although usually not diagnosed until rupture has occurred, may give rise

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considerable accuracy. There was no proof that retinal

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zinc, and iodoform are recommended. Inhalations are not appropriate ; they

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39. p. 524; Raab. O. : Ztschr. f. Biol., 1902, 44. p. 16; von Tappeim r. II., and Jodlbauor. A :

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with severe left ventricular dysfunction (e.g., ejection fraction < 30% or

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