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effect, but ho gradually became so much worse that it was
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the labor and during the puerperium, and directions for nursing.
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surrounding tissues. As there had been some unavoid-
Thymus treatment had the opposite effect, leading to a retention of
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— is best accomplished by extending the principles and
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charges ceased — none occurred alter the fidl effects of
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Jan. 15, 1909), described the disease in an illustrated article and
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other patients metastasis to the lungs was evident in 5, to the
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rious, either in rendering its type lower, or preventing it from
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determined, little if any effect on the Wassermann reaction in the cerebro-
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literature of the subject would indicate. The writer
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These rules are so simple and so practicable that they
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stand correctly, stresses the mental — spiritual or psychological —
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weight of this inferior bark in making the tincture; suppose;

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