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and the result is a confused jumble of provisions and

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element is nowhere more important than in the management of

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repeatedly known it take place among the easy vomitings of pregnant

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through urgent importunity, do the little, which if done by all,

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ninth day. All liquids taken by the mouth escaped as rapidly as they were

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back, and flexures — the doubt may be always there, for in both affections

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gent volatiles to the nostrils, and if the case be threatening and pro-

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cases successfully, he should have mechanical ingenuity

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the colchicum preparations. — Therap. Mon- evidently did some injury as the patient!

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become more forgetful, irritable, and fault-finding. Patient was preparing to

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most robust and vigorous health. The cholera atmosphere will assail

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glass of Sherry and half a glass of water previously

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pulse beginning to sink. I staid with him through the night,

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of high fever, and disfiguration of features of the tuber-

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a diligent observer, orderly and systematic in every thing, and

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the prenatal care to prevent premature birth (and even

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not one individual among a thousand, whose sense of smelling would allow

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there is an increased amount of urine, together with an increase in the

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diflerent varieties of degeneration are observed chiefly in patients

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m the sputum, which also may contain Charcot-Leyden and crea-

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in the same circumstances, by a sulTiciently free use of nitrate of potassa,

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or less complete, occurred several times, only to be soon followed by a recurrence

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and even cheerful. The special symptoms, in addition to swelling of the

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tient was placed in the tub, but, although delirium

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there being no bony framework in front to protect the

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noid at the base, and the presence of a few miliary tubercles

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leviated. It is considerably relieved by the rcumbent pasture, and Ls ag-

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Active Congestion of the Kidneys. Passive Congestion of the Kidneys. Ansemia of the

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pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum, accompanied with

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and Trousseau employed opium in that affection with not a little success,

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Omodei, on temporary ligature of the great arteries. Sulla Ligatura

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given for the next few days except on the end of the second day

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The second and last objection that has been urged has

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especially the scalp, but sometimes other parts of the skin, called /a vtiif,

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white pond-lily, or, indeed, any other good and active

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Symptoms. — It has long been known that after injuries to the base of

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lanttxe read a " Xote on a Hydrocephalous Infant, delivered by Spinal

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modic ; duration, 4 years ; severity, 2. [Four sittings ; greatly


as possible. A compression of the arteries with a tourniquet has a con-

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cornua or of the root zones. The trophic influence of the trigeminal nerve

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East Indian and stood up in line they would present a

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John Carling, captain and asst.-surgeon. Vols., leave of absence

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surgeon was given charge of the fractures and joint injuries, and, since

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however, we understand the faculty are beginning to shift their colours

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