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Again, anuria may occur under the following circumstances : with a nor-

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erations thirty-three were attacked and twelve died of edema of the

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l)eing eertaiid} due to an excessive dose of tul)erculin. In

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removed by filtration through animal charcoal. All sorts of

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fluid drachm contains 28 grains echinacea augustifolia and 3 grains thuja

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III. Infundibular: The gestation begins in the outer end of the tube or in

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detect, with anything approaching to certainty, the

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ara) the experiment was made of placing in the vagina

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child to the public vaccinator will have no use for the certifi-

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sive, advanced, and important fields of surgery. The discus-

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measuring the electrical intensity. Bennett's gold leaf electroscope

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Probably in a few cases the occurrence of sudden labyrinthine

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of potash does not produce this result, we may paint the aphth» with

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division of the vagi in the neck, and also of division of the oesopha-

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be continued until the globules are rompletely extiii!ct>islied, and the mass

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heat of summer often superinduces hepatic and gastric disorder,

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throat affection, which in scarlatina is simply one local manifestation (the

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Sec. 7. Provides that five hundred dollars shall be requisite for the

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the generative tract are said to be reflex. The abnormal condition

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■were liable to take the Cattle-Plague, and whether

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may remain in the blood after an infection has been investigated by

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and B. After thirty-eight days of fever defervescence

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tor ventures to declare that ** the idea that the stars in

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gastro-intestinal system should be relieved at the onset by divided doses of

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A frequent pulse — say a pulse above fifty-five per minute — if

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Raymond Minderer, a practicing physician in Augsburg,

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patient was al>le to flex the limb sliiihtly, hut was

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Dosage and Administration: Hypertension In patients who are currently being treated with a diuretic, symptomatic

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miliary tubercles in the tissue of the denuded facial nerve, while in

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There are many who speak highly of Warburg's tincture in treatment. It is both

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to disappear by compressing the vessel. Its origin is due to fluid veins,

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of the tarsal bones ; the form of the bones is not to

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persons, and here the distinction is sometimes difficult. The slightness of

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downs. But to make a general opinion like this evident by

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