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the latter symptom ; but when it comes on at a later period, it will often
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alcohol, the bromide having been administered for sixty seconds
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cent of the cases accurately estimate the amount of dilatation, effacement
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iledical Practitioner there. Nearly fifty years since he com-
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on to non-union. Neither can fibrous union be distinguished from union
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considerable blood in the peritoneal cavity. Tlie tumor mass was,
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This appears to be the largest number of cases of Tetanus treated in any single hos-
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nually in the city — contain the typhoid bacilli.
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prisoners ; contrariwise, let them but touch the white
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recommendation we most heartily agree. It is high time tho
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Indeed, the cases were quite indifferent as to the par-
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to the absence of pain. Large pressure sore on flexor aspect
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child had been in the hospital again for chorea, and with the usual treatment
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position of the scapulae and contour of the muscles, ex-
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more or less numerous according to the stage of the disease ; at
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eye was bandaged, with the final result of 20-40 vision. The entire time
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gleet. Salicylates and other remedies did him absolutely no good. He
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Symptoms. — The most prominent symptom is pain and sore-
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Inebriety. 291; enlistment of consumptives, 292; sani-
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S'lrface forms supination. The body of the calcaneus
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Leith Fort, and H.M.S. Favourite, in the presence of between
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Diagnosis. Let me define again the main points: Raynaud's disease
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hilly climate ; the Rajput Dogras of the plains, and even the
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ei in Senatu maledicenti respondit, " Facile est in me dicere,
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selves in his skill as a physician, or his abilities as
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styptic cotton, the latter being held in position by a
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to become the universal speech, excited comment and

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